In the fall of 2008, the Bahamas National Sailing School started a sailing program for the schools as part of their sports curriculum during school time with Stephen Dillet Primary School and Albury Sayles Primary School. In 2010 Columbus Primary School joined in to make it three. In 2013/2014 the following schools participated (some during school hours and others after): C.W Sawyer, Thelma Gibson Primary, Woodcock Primary, D.W. Davis Jr., N.O. Nash, L.W. Young Jr., S.C. McPherson Jr., T.A. Thompson Jr., Sandilands Primary, Anatol Rodgers Sr. High and Blairwood Academy as well as the Girl Guides. 

The school sports program takes one class from one school per afternoon per week with approximately 15 – 25 novice sailors per group and teaches them basic sailing skills. Currently, it operates each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during term time. We would like to expand this school program so that we have five or more schools per week participating through the year and will need to raise additional specific sponsorship funding in order to accomplish this goal.  Ultimately we would like these schools to have recognized sailing teams just as they have other sports teams.  


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